Invitation: Article Writing Competition UIN Banten 2024


Hosted by Maulana Hasanuddin State Islamic University of Banten, the Indigenous Southeast Asian and Ethnic Studies (ISEAES) presents an article writing competition centered on indigenous communities in Southeast Asia. This theme delves into the intricate realities of indigenous societies and their interactions with wider socio-political, economic, and cultural dynamics. It underscores the internal workings of these communities alongside their encounters with external influences, aiming to illuminate the trials and triumphs confronted by these groups as they navigate various dichotomies, such as tradition versus modernity, globalization versus localism, autonomy versus integration, and preservation versus adaptation. Furthermore, the competition extends to theoretical inquiries on ethnicity and indigenous peoples globally, offering a comprehensive grasp of these subjects. Ultimately, the journal serves as a crucial platform for scholars, activists, policymakers, and indigenous communities to partake in meaningful discourse, share insights, and drive transformative agendas aimed at fostering social justice, cultural diversity, and sustainable development.


1st Place: Rp. 7,000,000

2nd Place: Rp. 6,000,000

3rd Place: Rp. 5,000,000

4th to 14th Places: Rp. 1,400,000 each

Guidelines, Submission, and Deadline

ISEAES encourages collaborative article submissions involving participants from various nationalities. Please refer to the guidelines available at Create an account and submit your article through the website by the 30th of June 2024.


081385529992 (Ade)

085929922698 (Habibi)

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