How Dare You

hurricane blows my head
you offer a shoulder to be a shield
and hold your hand to take a rest
you give me one condition
playing a romance game with you (what?)
but you're afraid to handle me (really)

oh boy, I smell a fishy trick
how dare you treat me like that (how dare you)
oh man, you're like an amateur
how dare you give me a joke (how dare you)
let me give you a choice (listen)

if you wanna play (let's play)
don't close your eyes to the rules
don't break them until you know you're in love (sincerely)
because this part always comes with stupidity and much nonsense

if you wanna live with me (for a long time)
you must know how to treat a woman like me
I'll give you a roadmap toward my heart
I don’t need a boy who gives me a rose
I need a man who gives me right shoes

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